The Leptos Community and leptos-* Crates

The Community

One final note before we get to building with Leptos: if you haven't already, feel free to join the growing community on the Leptos Discord and on Github. Our Discord channel in particular is very active and friendly - we'd love to have you there!


If you find a chapter or an explanation that isn't clear while you're working your way through the Leptos book, just mention it in the "docs-and-education" channel or ask a question in "help" so we can clear things up and update the book for others.

As you get further along in your Leptos journey and find that you have questions about "how to do 'x' with Leptos", then search the Discord "help" channel to see if a similar question has been asked before, or feel free to post your own question - the community is quite helpful and very responsive.

The "Discussions" on Github are also a great place for asking questions and keeping up with Leptos announcements.

And of course, if you run into any bugs while developing with Leptos or would like to make a feature request (or contribute a bug fix / new feature), open up an issue on the Github issue tracker.

Leptos-* Crates

The community has built a growing number of Leptos-related crates that will help you get productive with Leptos projects more quickly - check out the list of crates built on top of Leptos and contributed by the community on the Awesome Leptos repo on Github.

If you want to find the newest, up-and-coming Leptos-related crates, check out the "Tools and Libraries" section of the Leptos Discord. In that section, there are channels for the Leptos view! macro formatter (in the "leptosfmt" channel); there's a channel for the utility library "leptos-use"; another channel for the UI component libary "leptonic"; and a "libraries" channel where new leptos-* crates are discussed before making their way into the growing list of crates and resources available on Awesome Leptos.