This book is intended as an introduction to the Leptos Web framework. It will walk through the fundamental concepts you need to build applications, beginning with a simple application rendered in the browser, and building toward a full-stack application with server-side rendering and hydration.

The guide doesn’t assume you know anything about fine-grained reactivity or the details of modern Web frameworks. It does assume you are familiar with the Rust programming language, HTML, CSS, and the DOM and basic Web APIs.

Leptos is most similar to frameworks like Solid (JavaScript) and Sycamore (Rust). There are some similarities to other frameworks like React (JavaScript), Svelte (JavaScript), Yew (Rust), and Dioxus (Rust), so knowledge of one of those frameworks may also make it easier to understand Leptos.

You can find more detailed docs for each part of the API at

The source code for the book is available here. PRs for typos or clarification are always welcome.